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Treating depression and anxiety through yoga

It's important for us to take care for ourselves as we move about our busy lives. In a society where daily stressors keep our mind/body at a heightened state of arousal its essential that we strive to bring balance for health and well-being. As the natural pathway between the stress response and a state of rest becomes eroded from lack of use, we seek relief through therapeutic coping skills as a means to reduce the stress, but we still need to follow the natural pathway to a state of rest. So coping skills help us manage our stress and relaxation brings us to the state of rest and balance. Within a yoga session we will work to regain the natural ability to move comfortably and easily into a state of relaxation; rebuilding the natural pathway between the stress response and a state of rest.

The word yoga comes from the Sanskrit meaning "to yoke" or "to unite". Traditionally in the United States, a yoga practice introduces many active postures with a brief restorative pose at the end. Yoga for Anxiety and Depression combine movement and breath in series proven to benefit the symptoms of depression and anxiety. Whether the symptoms stem from everyday worries or a mental health illness, these yoga series address physiological, cognitive, mood, and behavioral issues.

"Wellness is more than having a healthy body, it entails having a sound, clear and positive mind,
the ability to manage emotions, and the ability to communicate effectively." - Suzanne Nixon

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