What is Integrative Mental Health?

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Your mental and emotional well-being impact your body, your physical health, your spiritual health, your relationships and all aspects of your life.

An integrative approach in behavioral healthcare takes this into account and aims to understand the "whole of you" not just your psychological state and functioning. The foundation of an integrative behavioral health approach is grounded in the common conventional psychological theories and methods utilized to help people with mental health issues and concerns. However, it also embraces methods, skills and techniques from the field of complementary and alternative medicine/therapy in the delivery of care. Most people consider an integrative behavioral health approach as being comprehensive in the treatment and delivery of care.

Dr. Nixon incorporates a range of therapeutic modalities in the treatment and care of clients. She also refers her clients to respected medical/healthcare professionals, such as Functional Medicine Doctors, Psychiatrists, Nutritionists, Acupuncturists, etc. when indicated for collaborate care.

"Wellness is more than having a healthy body, it entails having a sound, clear and positive mind,
the ability to manage emotions, and the ability to communicate effectively." - Suzanne Nixon

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