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Counseling & Teaching Testimonials

Dr. Nixon combines extensive expertise, incredible professionalism and innate skill into paramount sessions that are life changing, transforming, and empowering. Her incredible counseling and teaching has equipped me with valuable life long skills that allow me to further develop into my strongest, best, and most beautiful self.

KD, 25
Fairfax, Virginia

I have personally worked with Suzanne and have referred clients to her practice. Suzanne is very attentive to her clients, is knowledgeable and respectful, and offers a highly individualized body-mind component to her work. The clients I referred loved working with her and saw meaningful shifts in their lives.

SB, 41
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, 2012

Dr. Suzanne Nixon is an exceptionally talented Licensed Professional Counselor and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Among her many qualities is a unique ability to use her insight and professional knowledge to educate and empower an individual. She is a gifted communicator: she listens intently; identifies the underlying issue; analyzes the situation; and simultaneously guides her client to arrive at a realistic and pragmatic solution. As a family therapist, Dr. Nixon has a clear understanding of how to address contemporary societal problems that face adolescents and challenge parents. She is extremely effective in situations of crisis. Dr. Suzanne Nixon is non-judgmental, fair in all her assessments and maintains a code ofethics of the highest standard. She clearly stands at the forefront of all professional counselors.

PD, 54
Fairfax, Virginia

My husband and I began seeing Dr. Suzanne almost 3 years ago for help with our marriage. By partnering with Dr. Suzanne we were able to work through several issues that were impeding our success as a couple. She has taught us how to effectively communicate our thoughts and feelings and ensure that we are really listening to each other when speaking. In addition Dr. Suzanne has helped us understand the importance of intimacy in our relationship.

Dr.Suzanne has also helped us work through several issues as first time parents. The most challenging to date has been co-sleeping with our 2 year old. Dr. Suzanne helped us convert our daughters nursery into a "big girl room" and put a bedtime routine into place for a successful transition out of our bed.

My husband and I often reflect on the state of our marriage 3 years ago and how thankful we are for Dr. Suzanne. We would not have a successful marriage if it was not for her guidance.

Professional Couple, 33 and 30

When I talk to Dr. Nixon about what's bothering me and then she does energy work on me....I feel so calm afterwards. I feel very peaceful inside like I am floating happily through the air.

James, 10

During my twenties, Dr. Nixon has been a most profound mentor

KD, 29
Independent Contractor

Therapy & Healing Testimonials

My life was in a downward spiral with the stress of a failed marriage and the thought of raising two small children alone taking a heavy toll on my physical and emotional health. It seemed like a struggle to make it through the day. Someone who recognized my distress handed me a business card and said if I wanted to talk with the "best" to call Dr. Nixon. That simple act of kindness helped transform my life. Dr. Nixon helped me start my healing process through her wisdom, knowledge and compassion. She helped me change my old paradigms of thinking and behaving, to step out of my comfort zone, and to start living the life I dreamed of.

Female, 44
Government Executive

I have had a few Walk and Talk therapies with Dr. Nixon. In fact, I have traveled from Michigan to have these sessions! I have found the combination of movement and talking to be very helpful in freeing my thoughts. Dr. Nixon is very insightful and connected with nature. She uses nature as a therapeutic metaphor which has deepened my awarenesses and understanding of myself helped me be be more grounded.


Two years ago, a car crashed into me while I was riding my bike. I broke my leg badly and had a steel rod placed in my lower leg. I have been in constant pain for the past 2 years. I had almost given up on finding something to help relieve the pain until my girlfriend suggested I see Dr.Nixon. This was the best advice I was ever given. After 2 healing sessions, the pain in my leg is nearly all gone. My leg is feeling Great! Dr. Nixon has Changed My Life.

DM, 18

I have so much confidence and trust in Dr. Nixon. I am so happy she has been on my team to help me with my anxiety and health issues.

RC, 63

When I talk to Dr. Nixon about what's bothering me and then she does energy work on me....I feel so calm afterwards. I feel very peaceful inside like I am floating happily through the air.

James, 10

Groups & Seminars Testimonials

Co-dependency is a complicated issue. Dr. Nixon helped guide us through the primary issues which brought me clarity and understanding, and has helped me address these areas in my life. I enjoyed the group experience and look forward to more programs.

PS, 61
Business Owner

Breaking Free from Codependency has been a liberating experience. It's like cracking an egg open and peeling the shells off. You begin to understand why you are a "people pleaser" and how to stop and begin "pleasing" yourself and living respectfully for yourself.

Female, 44

Dr. Suzanne Nixon agreed to give a Mindfulness Meditation presentation at my annual Winter party, where I attempt to entertain and also provide useful information wherever I can for my numerous grandchildren and their very hard-working parents. I try for a balance between good fun and something they can use in their lives, something unusual and perhaps mystical. I have been giving these parties since the kids were babies and they have been very well received and are looked forward to for months. I am careful about the theme and the guests I invite.

I chose Dr. Suzanne because the level of stress in our world is at some kind of record high and everyone of us feels the strain of current events. I thought some way of finding peace might be useful and since I am a longtime fan of Mindfulness Meditation, that became my choice.

Dr. Suzanne could not have been more perfect. She was calm, informative, accepting of all personalities and full of surprises, too. She had a great sense of humor, and also many more abilities than a thorough knowledge of Mindfulness. At one point, she had two adult guests who had some kind of physical pain on the floor. She examined them with trained hands-on healing hands. I, myself, tried to learn that skill some years ago, and was not very good at it. But, Dr. Suzanne, relieved (even if only temporarily) their pain and gave a reason for or completely understood their discomfort. We had a meditation period which was probably the first for five teens and most of the parents, and then, a discussion about the benefits of daily meditation. I believe all came away with a new perspective and a brand new state of consciousness to explore. I was absolutely and completely satisfied with Dr. Suzanne's presentation and, really, I wished we had more than one hour to speak with her and learn more about the subject. She was delightful, knowledgeable and professional.

I feel like we had another memorable Winter gathering that will stick in their minds for some time.


The Drops Weight Loss Program Testimonials

While I'm unsure of every specific life challenge that has caused my weight to fluctuate over 100 pounds over many decades, I can tell you that I have been an emotional eater and can certainly be labeled a yo-yo dieter. I've had success on other diets - for a while - and then the weight has crept back on and on and on. The M2 Breakthrough Diet is different and I am thrilled to have lost 50 pounds thus far. What's different? All one eats and drinks is real food - no packaged stuff, powders, chemicals or preservatives that add toxins to the body. One merely takes 12 drops of an all-natural liquid 30 minutes prior to eating 3X/day and then selects the foods to eat for the day in measured quantities. That's it! I'm eating fresh, healthy vegetables, fruits and proteins and I don't go around starving or feeling deprived. I can truly say that I have NEVER felt better! My mind has clarity and my mindset in maintaining a healthy weight has been made very easy because there is no transition from packaged foods to "real" food. Another great plus about the diet is that you can lose weight quickly; I'm almost back into my size 10 clothes!

Female, 68

I had been thin my entire life, but after menopause, I just couldn't seem to keep the extra weight off. Especially around my middle. I had seen other women who had tried the BreakthroughM2 diet through Suzanne and they seemed to be doing great. I was also impressed that they were eating real food. After just three weeks, not only did I drop 12 pounds, I lost over 2 inches from my waist! I'm so thrilled to have my waist back. The diet was hard for me in the beginning (I never thought I could go without sugar), but, as Suzanne promised, the taste of fruit is now sweet enough for me and I'm appreciating it more. I'm so happy that I found out about this diet and Suzanne helped me through it. I can't wait to take my new, thinner, body out to the ski slopes!


I am turning 50 and the BreakthroughM2 nutritional weight loss plan has been a life savior. My metabolism was slowing down, my energy decreasing, and I was experiencing "brain fog". On top of that I had a challenging year and found myself drinking and eating too much! Weight gain set in. I met Suzanne and learned about the amazing benefits of the new BreakthroughM2 plan and enrolled in her 6 week integrative health coaching and weight loss program.

I found the Breakthrough M2 diet easy to follow. I noticed a difference in my frame of mind right away & with the drops, had no cravings or hunger pains, which made it so much easier to stick to the plan. My daily weigh-in was exciting instead of dreadful. Looking back on the process, I have to say it was VERY easy. Steady & consistent weight loss was very motivating. I weigh less now than I have in the last 10 years and am in the height of menopause! Thank you Suzanne for bringing the program to Loudoun County.

"I have never been happier with a weight loss plan! I have lost 26 pounds in 19 days, 11 1/2 total inches and am down one dress size! I am not hungry, am full of energy and and so excited! I have tried so many diet programs, and this one I love!"

Female, 68

Speaking & Presentations Testimonials

Suzanne has done 2 TV shows for me - one in 2012 on children, the other in 2013 on the growing trend for professionals to go on Inspirational Journeys. I have had many chances to discuss her work with her both on and off air, and she has an incredible depth of knowledge, warmth, and experiences that truly make her a stellar mental health professional.

Regina DeMeo
Top DC Divorce Attorney/Legal Commentator, Former TV Host of Making it Last

Dr. Nixon has been an excellent speaker on topics related to stress management, parenting, mindfulness and how to help our children reach their maximum potential. Our members were so impressed with her presentations that they asked her to lead a bibliotherapy group, which is therapy-through-books, for our children.

Christina Croll
Executive Director, Loudoun County Parents of Gifted Students

Third-Party Reviews & References

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"Wellness is more than having a healthy body, it entails having a sound, clear and positive mind,
the ability to manage emotions, and the ability to communicate effectively." - Suzanne Nixon

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