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Empowering you with skills and tools to achieve success and make the health and lifestyle changes you desire.

We each desire certain health characteristics and conditions to feel healthy and be happy. Some of us want to eat better, lose weight, or exercise more. Others desire to decrease stress, learn to manage it better, and begin living a more peaceful, balanced life. Whatever you want to achiever to feel better, healthier, and happier, your desire alone will not materialize into positive behavioral actions and successful change.

The professional health coach knows changing habits and engaging in new behaviors is challenging. To be successful desired goals must be set, a reasonable plan written, and keen guidance and motivational support imparted. Health and lifestyle coaching is a defined process to help you do just that. It combines up-to-date wellness education, a sound plan, and motivational coaching to support you with your goals.

Integrative health coaching is a term coined by Duke University's Integrative Medicine Center. This coaching model focuses on a While Health and Lifestyle philosophy of well-being. It integrates the wisdom of conventional healthcare methods with complementary practices, and empowers you with most skills and tools to achieve success and make the health and lifestyle changes you desire.

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Contact Suzanne today to get started on your personal health and wellness plan. Visit the Event Calendar to learn about upcoming scheduled wellness groups, retreats, and programs.

"Wellness is more than having a healthy body, it entails having a sound, clear and positive mind,
the ability to manage emotions, and the ability to communicate effectively." - Suzanne Nixon

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